Engineering firm Dresser-Rand is to deliver four over-dimensional DATUM compressor trains for an offshore project in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico

The consignment will include two low-pressure D6A4S and two high-pressure D6R9B compressors, along with Siemens electric motors and variable speed gearboxes. The equipment is scheduled to ship in 2018, with oil production of the platform expected to begin late in 2021.

“For this project, BP was able to source the drivers and compressors from one company. We also have a record of proven successes in offshore applications, and have the resources in place to provide local service and support,” said Judy Marks, head of new equipment solutions worldwide for the Dresser-Rand business.

The compressors will be used for BP’s Mad Dog 2 project floating production platform, producing up to 140,000 barrels of crude oil per day from up to 14 production wells. Dresser-Rand is a subsidiary of German engineering firm Siemens.

Photo: Siemens will deliver the compressors to BP’s Mad Dog 2 project. Credit: Siemens

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